Sony PlayStation 4 PS4 Controller Repair Service

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Give your faulty controller a new life and enjoy gaming without breaking your budget.


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vexclusive® brings to you one stop destination for all your PlayStation 4 controller repairs. Our service solves all your controller issues without leaving the comfort of your home. Gone are the days of spending your weekend in hunt to find a local repair shop to get your controller fixed and haggle with their skyrocket quotes for repairs and get it fixed by spending 5-6 hours of your precious time, only to come home and realise that issue is not fixed totally and you need to go back there to repeat the whole process again. And if you are lucky the second time there is no guarantee on how long the repaired parts will last and if something gone wrong in few days you need to do the whole process again and not to mentioned spend your money again.

Here we come in to take away your worry of getting your controllers repaired so that you can enjoy your weekend and spend more time gaming rather than repairing. We got you covered in few easy steps.

We fix all issues like along drifting, buttons for working properly, buttons not pressing, battery not charging, battery not holding the charge, controller not syncing, USB cable port broken, controller shell replacement etc.,

All repairs will be performed within 48 Hrs and controller will be shipped back to you.




·      You call us, email us or WhatsApp us describing the issue with your controller.  (Call: 9949570676, email: [email protected], WhatsApp: 9949570676)

·      We provide approx. quote for the repairs.

·      You book the repair service through our website.

·      We pick up the faulty controller from your place through our carrier partner.

·      Once we get the faulty controller, we test it for repairs and provide you with final quote (Most Competitive in The Industry).

·      You give us a go ahead with the repair and make payment.

·      We fix the controller, test it and ship it back to you.


What Ifs:

·      What if I face the same problem again? We provide 30-90 days warranty depending upon the repairs performed. You will receive warranty letter along with the controller to claim the warranty in case you need it (We are sure you won’t be needing it). And it will be totally free.

·      What if I’m unhappy with the repair cost and don’t want to get it fixed? Well let’s just say it won’t be happening. But in case you don’t to get it fixed you can get the controller and we will ship it back to you or else you can sell the faulty controller to us at a mutually agreed price.

Ps4 Ctrl Repair