Smart Bracelet Charger Magnetic Data Cable


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Product information:

Color: M2 line length 13cm,M3 line length 13cm,M4 square head line length 22cm,M4 round head line length 22cm,M5M6M7 square head line length 45cm,M5M6M7 round head line length 45cm,m5M6M7 line length 100cm,7pro line length 55cm,7pro line length 100cm,[White] M 8 line length 60cm,[black] M 8 line length 60cm,[White] M 8 line length 100cm,[black] M 8 line length 100cm

Material: Plastic

Wearing method: Handheld

Category of accessory: data cable

Packing list:

Data cable * 1

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Additional information

Weight 0.03 kg
Dimensions 120 × 100 × 30 cm

7pro Line Length 100cm, 7pro Line Length 55cm, Black Line Length 60cm, Black M 8 Line Length 100cm, M2 Line Length 13cm, M3 Line Length 13cm, M4 Round Head Line Length 22cm, M4 Square Head 22cm, M5M6M7 Line Length 100cm, M5M6M7 Round Head 45cm, M5M6M7 Square Head 45cm, White Line Length 100cm, White Line Length 60cm


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