Silicone Single Ear Bowl Wooden Handle Spoon


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Product information:

Product Name: Silicone Single Ear Bowl with Wooden Handle Spoon

Product Material: Silicone does not contain BPA and complies with strict FDA testing in the United States

Product size: Single ear bowl: 11.5 * 8.5cm; Wooden handle spoon: 11.5 * 3.5cm

Product weight: Single ear bowl: 149g; Wooden handle spoon: 15g

Product packaging: Single product OPP bag packaging

Product usage: -40 ℃~240 ℃

Color: avocado green, Wood blue, Rose Red, brick red, skin pink dark gray, milk tea, caramel, steel gray, turmeric, Olive

Applicable age: more than 3 months

Style type: simple style

Material: Silicone

Insulation Performance: 0-6 hours

Style: Morandi

Packing list:

Ear bowl * 1+ spoon * 1

Product Image:

Additional information

Weight 0.17 kg
Dimensions 130 × 110 × 100 cm

Avocado Green, Brick Red, Caramel Color, Dark Gray, Ginger Yellow, Leather Pink, Milk Tea Color, Olive, Rose, Steel Gray, Wood Blue


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