Scraping essential oil


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Product Efficacy:

Contains Lavender / rose / tea tree / extract, allows skin to moisture and nutrition, conditioning skin, delicate skin tightly,

maintain skin moisture balance, improve skin roughness caused by lack of moisture dryness, improve

skin hydration, restores skin elasticity, abandoned skin rosy glow glossy, smoothly meticulous charming glory

several used:

(1) Facial care

1-3 drops in the foam cleanser, water, milk, cream, face mask etc to use in the mix

(2) Hair care

5 drops in the water to your hair, or drop in the shampoo and conditioner used in, or immediately

massage the scalp

(3) Bady Care

whirlpool bath, bathtub, or feet, etc

(4) Environmental Care

It can be used as a perfume spray in the environment

Additional information

Weight 0.04 kg
Dimensions 50 × 50 × 100 cm
Net content

Jasmine 10ml, Lavender 10ml, Lemon 10ml, Rose 10ml


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