t appears that sharing PS5 gameplay to Twitter may result in you being locked out from your account on the social media platform. According to reports on Twitter, users are being locked out of their accounts for sharing PS5 gameplay — which is incidentally a feature built-in to the console. Ubisoft programmer Anthony Barranco claimed he received a notice that his Twitter account was locked for having “infringed on copyrighted works” by sharing gameplay for Sackboy: A Big Adventure to Twitter back in December 2020. “The irony here is multi-layered,” he said in a follow up tweet. “1) this is native twitter integration with PS5 to share gameplay, 2) it's a game made by Sony PlayStation but also music that it's music owned by Sony.” Others have reported similar issues on Twitter. And it isn’t restricted to that platform either, though Twitter appears to be the latest online platform to suffer from misuse of copyright claims of this kind. Reason being, the PS5 share feature allows users to share gameplay to YouTube as well. Last year, some YouTubers have received copyright strikes for sharing PS5 gameplay on the platform. A cursory check indicates the likes of God of War creator David Jaffe also being struck by a copyright claim albeit for sharing gameplay to YouTube last year. It’ll be interesting to see how rampant these issues end up being as this generation of consoles progress and users take to the internet to share their favourite gameplay moments. Hopefully Sony’s response to those actually using its features like built-in sharing is more level-headed going forward. read more